VARIETY SHOW MUCH w/christine hauer
at Tribal_Cafe

  On Mar 30 at 1:00AM
 Ends Mar 30 at 1:00AM

Heyo! Variety Show Much, a vaudeville Open Mic huggjng the billowing talents (you) of LA, is happening March 29 and 30th from 7-10pm each night. Singers, songwriters, bands, COME! Storytellers, comedians, actors, COME! Variety Show Much is a safe space for artists who want to share, and yes, there will be twinkle lights. Time on stage will vary, depending on the crowd. But don’t worry, I’ll keep it moving ;) Buying a yummy smoothie coffee acai bowl mega sandwich is encouraged to support the Tribal Cafe love. AND ya know, let’s share what’s in our hearts and heads to inspire and enliven each other, much! See you there.